DCEDIY have provided the following clarification with regard to the resumption of ECCE from 08 March, (Question 22 of the March FAQs).

Children eligible to return on 08 March

  • All children within the eligible age range and currently registered on the ECCE programme on the Early Years Hive
  • Children within the eligible age range, availing of ECCE provision but are funded through CCSP/TEC

This is in addition to children considered vulnerable or children of essential workers who continue to be eligible to avail any service during this period.

Children not eligible to return until 29 March

  • Children who are not children of essential workers, are not considered vulnerable or, are not ECCE-eligible (based on age) and availing of ECCE provision within a service.

For clarity, children who are ECCE eligible (based on age) and are availing of ECCE provision can also avail of non-ECCE hours during the same period. For example, if a child resumes on March 8th and requires full-time provision they can attend for the three hour ECCE provision and remain within the service for remainder of the day.