Childminding Development Grant (CMDG)

What is the Childminding Development Grant (CMDG)?

The CMDG is a small grant designed to assist existing and potential childminders to enhance the safety and quality of their childminding service. 

Applicants can apply for any amount up to €1,000 annually.

Who is eligible to apply for the CMDG?

 All existing or potential childminders. Where a Childminder is subject to the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and (Early Years   Services) (Registrations of School Age) Regulations 2018, they must register their service with Tusla.   

How will the grant be paid?

Step 1: If your application for the CMDG is approved, you will receive an email from Wicklow County Childcare Committee to let you know the total grant approval. This may be less than you applied for if the total national fund is oversubscribed (see Q.15 of the FAQ’s below about what happens if the CMDG is oversubscribed for further information). You must reply to the email confirming that you accept the grant amount and the terms and conditions. You will then receive a payment of 75% of the total grant awarded. This will be paid directly into the bank account indicated on your application form.

Step 2: To claim the remaining 25%, you must spend the full amount awarded or the amount you require if that is less than the award. On completing your expenditure, complete the CMDG Expenditure Report and submit this with the receipts for the full grant awarded to Wicklow CCC on or before the 27th October 2023 deadline.

Childminder A is awarded €1,000 and receives an initial payment of €750 (75%). Childminder A spends the full grant award of €1,000, then they forward a completed CMDG Expenditure Report and receipts to the value €1,000 to Sligo CCC. Sligo CCC appraise the Expenditure Report and receipts. Wicklow CCC confirms that all receipts are eligible expenditure, Childminder A receives the outstanding €250 (25%) into their bank account as before.

What Can I Spend The Grant On?

The Childminding Development Grant can be spent on toys, childcare equipment, safety equipment,
outdoor toys and play equipment, toys and equipment to support inclusion and equipment for activities to support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) opportunities in your childminding setting. If unsure of any large spend items, please link in with your local CCC for guidance. 
Eligible expenditure (This is not an exhaustive list)

  • Outdoor Play Equipment: Sand box; water tray; swing sets, climbing frames, slides, outdoor play equipment etc.
  • Toys & Books: Developmentally and culturally appropriate toys and books e.g., ride on toys; building blocks; books; dress-up; teddys/dolls/figurines; music; imaginative play items; jigsaws, board games; Arts & Crafts materials and supplies etc.
  • Childcare & Safety Equipment: Pram; buggy; car seat; cot; high chair; child size table & chairs;
    stairgate; fire blanket; fire extinguisher; smoke alarm; socket covers; cupboard locks; first aid kit; blind cord safety clips etc.
  • Supporting Inclusion: Sensory toys & equipment e.g., black out tent; theraputty; chewlery; weighted blanket; trikes & ride on toys; fidget toys; move and sit cushions, sensory garden etc.

        STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics):

  • Science : Light box, microscope, télescope etc.
  • Technology: Coding Kits; robot kit; robotic arms; snap electric circuits; cameras; hydraulics, etc.
  • Engineering: Toolbox; stem construction kit; Lego; Lego technic; magnets; etc.
  • Arts: Music & Literature; musical instruments; easels; painting tools and accessories; playdough accessories; arts and crafts supplies, speakers; lights etc. arts and crafts supplies.
  • Mathematics: Magnet tiles; IQ puzzle games; mathematic games; Rubik’s cubes/tower; measuring equipment etc.

What supporting documentation must I submit with my application?

  • Evidence of appropriate childminding insurance. Please submit a copy of the schedule of insurance which clearly shows that childminding is covered on the policy. Also please ensure that your insurance is in date at the time of application.
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate in your name
  • Copy of your Tusla Children First E-Learning Programme certificate which must be dated within last 3 years. If you have not completed this training or your certificate is out of date, click on the link below to complete it before submitting your application:

Please note applications for the 2023 Childminding Grant are now closed