An important change to your Tusla registration number requirements on the Early Years Hive will be made as part of programme readiness.
Service providers will now be required to provide their Tusla registration number(s) on the Early Years Hive for each care type offered. i.e., if you offer Early Learning and Care (ELC), you must provide a valid ELC registration number. If you offer School Aged Childcare (SAC), you must provide a valid SAC registration number and if you provide both ELC and SAC, you must provide valid Tusla registration numbers for both of these care types.
The purpose of this change is to ensure that a provider has provided their correct Tusla registration numbers(s) for the care type(s) they are providing.
Previously a service provider was only required to provide one valid Tusla registration number (either ELC or SAC) on the Early Years Hive in order to activate funding agreements and register children on any programme.
In order to activate an ECCE Funding Agreement for 2023/24, service providers must first ensure that they have provided a valid ELC Tusla registration on the Early Years Hive.
Once appropriate and a valid Tusla registration has been submitted on Early years Hive, Service Providers will be able to proceed to register children on a programme. It will not be possible to submit a child registration unless the correct Tusla information has been submitted.
For example, in order for a service to contract to deliver the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme, the service must:
1. be registered with Tusla to provide Early Learning and Care (ELC)
2. declare they are an ELC registered service on the HIVE
3. submit their registered Tusla ELC number
4. upload their ELC certificate on the HIVE
Once all of the above steps are completed in full, child registrations can be submitted.
Registered Childminders
Tusla registered childminders are only required to submit one valid Tusla registration number to register children on the Early Years Hive. They can submit either an ELC or an SAC Tusla registration number on the Early Years Hive in order to register children of any age.