Level 7 Certificate in Organisational Psychology and Behaviour – This course will introduce students to the discipline of organisational psychology. Students will learn to discuss and critique both traditional and contemporary psychological theories and perspectives combined with the key topics of organisational psychology.

More info here: https://www.itcarlow.ie/study/lifelong-learning/parttime-courses-january20/certificate-in-organisational-psychology-and-behaviour.htm

The cost for those in employment is €80

Level 7 Certificate in Applied Strategic Management – This course will develop participants’ capability within the different elements of the Strategic Management Process. Participants explore the components of Strategic Analysis, Planning,

Development and Implementation within the context of functional and organisational strategy and also align culture and values within organisation development. More info here: https://www.itcarlow.ie/study/lifelong-learning/parttime-courses-january20/certificate-in-applied-strategic-management.htm

The cost for those in employment is €80

Level 7 Certificate in Effective Leadership and Change Management – This course provides participants with knowledge and skills in leadership and management by developing leadership capability and competency in motivation, communication, culture and team developmental strategies. Students will discuss leadership and management through models and current thinking with the objective to enhance their personal leadership and management potential.

More info here: https://www.itcarlow.ie/study/lifelong-learning/parttime-courses-january20/certificate-in-effective-leadership-and-change-management.htm

The cost for those in employment is €60

Level 6 Certificate in Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition – The aim of this programme is to highlight the importance of health, well-being and nutrition. Students will gain knowledge of holistic health and wellbeing, health Protection/ill health prevention, care of the older person and the importance of nutrition for holistic health & wellbeing.

More info here:  https://www.itcarlow.ie/study/lifelong-learning/parttime-courses-january20/certificate-in-health-wellbeing-and-nutrition.htm

There is no cost for those in employment as this is FREE

Applications  can be made here: https://www.itcarlow.ie/study/lifelong-learning/how-to-apply-evening-courses/part-time-courses-application-form.htm

Springboard+ Funded Programmes

Level 8 Certificate in Data Protection – The aim of this programme is to provide a learning opportunity for compliance and/or other relevant professionals to develop the necessary intellectual capital to ensure that their organisations meet their current and future regulatory responsibilities in relation to data protection. More information here: https://springboardcourses.ie/details/8764

The cost for those in employment is €75. As this is a Springboard+ programme, applications can be made for this programme here: https://springboardcourses.ie/details/8764

Places are limited and all programmes will begin in January 2021 and will be delivered online. For specific queries, please contact Julystimulus@itcarlow.ie or Springboard@itcarlow.ie

New Supporting Parents website

Visit the new Supporting Parents website delivered under First5 gov.ie/supportingparents The First5 Big Steps are major changes, planned under the Strategy, to give children the