The deadline to submit a Core Funding Application change that occurred before 28th October and receive backdated payment has been extended to Friday 18th November 2022. Following this date, Providers will continue to be able to make updates and changes to their Core Funding Application Module however back payments will not be permitted.

Please note that providers who have not had any changes to their application information since it was submitted do not need to take any further action at this time.

To assist services in submitting an application change, new training videos are available on Early Years Hive:

  • Core Funding Application Change – Amending a Session Type Error (days/hours)

  • Core Funding Application Change – Replacing a Vacancy

  • Core Funding Application Change – Amending a Capacity Error

  • Core Funding Application Changes – Departing Staff Member

You can find these videos under the ‘Core Funding Training Videos’ heading on the Core Funding Documents page.

CCCs and EYPC also remain available to assist with Core Funding Application Changes.