The application process for AIM Level 4 (expert early years educational advice and support) for the 2021/22 pre-school year is now available on Hive.  Where required, Level 7 (additional assistance in the pre-school room) can be requested as part of the Level 4 application.  Further guidance on the application process can be found here.

As this is a new process on Hive, several training sessions were held via webinar. Many thanks to all the service providers for their attendance and engagement at these sessions.  A detailed FAQs document can be found here and a recording of the online training session can be accessed here.

Help and support

Should you have any queries in relation to the AIM, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre by raising a Request on Hive using the following categories:

  • Request Type: Application
  • Request Type Detail: General
  • Request Programme: (select the AIM Level)


New Supporting Parents website

Visit the new Supporting Parents website delivered under First5 The First5 Big Steps are major changes, planned under the Strategy, to give children the