With effect from 20th July 2020, the parental AIM consent form was updated. Please remove any previous AIM Informed consent forms you may hold on your desktop. Older consent forms will not be accepted and will be referred back.

Link to the new consent form below:


In order to apply for AIM Level 4, 5, or 7, consent from the Parent/Guardian is required to be submitted with the child’s application. This will enable the Early Years Specialist and other professionals to support a child’s inclusion in the pre-school for the duration of his or her ECCE registration and to plan for his or her transition to primary school.

The information required on the AIM informed consent form includes;

  • The child’s name
  • The Service DCYA reference number
  • The setting name
  • Signatures of the Parent’s/Guardian of the child.

The form should then be uploaded onto PIP and submitted with the application.  This form is a legal document and should be legible, completed in full and all signatures need to be dated.

Applications cannot be processed without been fully completed and will be referred back to the service for completion.