The first stage of Programme Readiness 2023-24 for NCS, CCSP Savers, ECCE & AIM Level 1 will be available for on the Early Years Hive on Friday 26 May. Further information will be communicated via portal announcement on Friday morning.

You are invited to attend training that will provide an overview of the Programme Readiness steps for CCSP Savers, ECCE & AIM1. Please note NCS is not covered in this training.

Guidance for NCS Programme Readiness is available on Hive here. A recorded version of last year’s Programme Readiness training is also available on Hive here. The NCS process remains the same as last programme call, except for the Fees List, which will be made available at a later date.

Also covered in this training will be the upcoming changes to the portal’s menu navigation, as well as how Tusla registration numbers will be required for funding agreement activation.

The following topics will be covered in the training:

Changes to the Hive Menu Navigation

Tusla Certification Changes

AIM Level 1:  Key Points

CCSP: Adding a Service Calendar and Funding Agreement activation steps.

ECCE: Adding a Service Calendar, pre-contracting steps and Funding Agreement activation steps.

The webinars will take place at the following dates/times:

Monday 29 May @ 10:00am 
Webinar Link:  

Monday 29 May @ 2.30pm
Webinar Link:

Tuesday 30 May @ 6.30pm
Webinar Link:

A recording of the session will be published on the Early Years Hive along with a copy of the presentation once all sessions are completed.